Terms and conditions

  • Any project supported by the Charity must be monitored and evaluated and a Progress Report¬†must be sent to the Trustee. The report must be submitted within three months of completion of a project, unless an alternative timescale for this has been agreed with the Trustees of the Trust.¬† If a Charity fails to provide a report the Trustees will be unable to consider awarding any future grants.
  • Successful applicants must use any grant monies received solely for the purposes stated in their application form.
  • Successful applicants must acknowledge receipt of any grant cheque on their organisations headed notepaper.
  • Grant monies are not to be used to pay employees under any circumstance.
  • National Charities must provide detailed information on how any grant received will specifically help and benefit residents of the City of Birmingham.
  • Grant cheques may be withheld / withdrawn if your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation.
  • If in receipt of a grant you agree that we may use your name in our own publicity material and a link may be included on our website to your website if you have one.