Who can apply?

Each year the Trust receives many more applications than it is able to support. The Trustees give priority to those students who are most in need, so it is important that you provide as much information as possible in your application.

Under the terms of the Trust you must be:

  • a long term resident of the City of Birmingham
  • and be under the age of 25
  • and studying at a college or university.

Applications cannot be accepted from students who live outside the City who are resident in Birmingham purely to attend their course of study at a Birmingham College or University.

Applicants must provide evidence that they have applied for the full Student Loan through Student Finance England. Applicants should also have applied for additional support where that is available from their college or university through Student Counsellors or Welfare Officers.

The trustees are concerned to give all students as much support as possible and are aware that there have been reductions in the value of government contributions. The trustees liaise with local colleges, universities and other educational bodies.

If you are eligible to apply please complete the application form. Please check the grant terms and conditions before applying.   The next educational grants meeting will take place on Wednesday 16 March 2022, the closing date for applications is Monday 21 February 2022